Welcome to the official web site of the River Cruiser Class, the organisation for owners of traditional cabin yachts, indigenous to the Norfolk Broads. The class consists of nearly 400 inland waterways sailing yachts, designed specifically and exclusively for cruising and racing the tidal system of lakes and rivers of Norfolk and North Suffolk. Of these river cruisers, more than 25 are over 100 years old, and over 150 were built before 1940. The Class is not however confined to a vintage and veteran boat collection. A large proportion of member craft were built in the past 20 years, and new class yachts are being launched each year.


Network Rail Consultation Document - Anglia: Route Study, Long Term Planning Process.  
This document currently out for consultation by Network Rail sets out the strategic vision for the future of the network over the next thirty years. This Route Study is amongst the first of a new generation of studies which will go on to inform choices for funders in the years from 2019 to 2024, as well as to set out how future growth in the very long-term to 2043 could be accommodated. Page 84 of the document details the proposals under consideration by Network Rail in respect of the future for Trowse Bridge.  The public consultation closes on 3rd February 2015 and it is important that those interested in protecting navigation access to Norwich respon.  A link to the consultation document can be found here

RYA Day Skipper Course - Lowestoft