Welcome to the official web site of the River Cruiser Class, the organisation for owners of traditional cabin yachts, indigenous to the Norfolk Broads. The class consists of nearly 400 inland waterways sailing yachts, designed specifically and exclusively for cruising and racing the tidal system of lakes and rivers of Norfolk and North Suffolk. Of these river cruisers, more than 25 are over 100 years old, and over 150 were built before 1940. The Class is not however confined to a vintage and veteran boat collection. A large proportion of member craft were built in the past 20 years, and new class yachts are being launched each year.


River Cruiser Class funding raising for Bart’s Bash and the Nancy Oldfield Trust, Neatishead.

Many thanks to all our generous helms and crews who raised £150 for Bart’s Bash and the N.O.T. at Coldham Hall following the Yare Navigation Race on 20th September.  Bart's Bash was a successful Guinness World Record attempt for 'The Largest Sailing Race in the World'.  It is a charity event in memory of Andrew Simpson who was a double gold and silver medalist, an America's Cup professional and an all-round fantastic man who was tragically killed in a training accident on San Francisco Bay in May 2013.  Additional contributions may be made on line at https://www.justgiving.com/BartsBash/


Tribute to Sandy Lister, our Hon Secretary 2006 to 2011, who died 14th July 2014